Pies N Petals
The best things about brothers:

You can share your pain;
You can share your fears;
And you can share your happiness
Thanks for being a very understanding brother!
Happy Bhaiya Dooj!
Ek Bewafa Ko Apna Hamraaj Banakar;
Ab Pachhta Raha Hun Apna Dil Ganwakar;
Us Bewafa Ne Zindagi Mein Aag Laga Di;
Jise Dil Mein Basaya Tha Dhadkan Banakar!
Girls are the Most Wonderful Creatures In the World....!!! Though You Find Them Difficult Enough because....
If You Kiss Her... You Are...
A day after Diwali!
A day after Diwali!
Which Bigg Boss contestant would you like to see as the next captain of the house?
Gautam Gulati
Diandra Soares
Karishma Tanna
Sushant Divgikar
Aries Aries : You may need to crosscheck some information you receive today in order to avoid an embarrassing situation. Mercury in Libra may create some troubling situations. Do not make any decisions today based on rumour or casual conversation. Make sure you are working with correct information. Having your brass tacks in order will save you from being in a tight or awkward spot. Wear something in white. 3 pm to 6 pm will be good for you.
Fish and Vegetable Kebabs
An Attractive Dish, served on its own. A great appelizer for eight people.
Chicken Tikka
An easy-to-cook dish in which chicken chunks are marinated in special spices and then grilled on skewers.
Snow Biker
Snow Biker
If an electric train is going 150 miles per hour north and the wind is blowing the same south, which way does the smoke blow?
Answer : It is an electric train. There is no smoke!