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The parents of today are unique and the most understanding generation.
They are the last generation who listened to their parents;
And also the first who listen to their children!
Bedili Se Hansne Ko

Bedili Se Hansne Ko Khush-Dili Na Samjha Jaye;
Gum Se Jalte Chehre Ko Roshni Na Samjha Jaye;

Gaha Gaha Wahshat Mein Ghar Kee Simt Jata Hun;
Isko Dasht-e-Hairat Se Wapsi Na Samjha Jaye;

Lakh Khushguman Duniya Vehmi Talluq Ko;
Dosti Kahe Lekin Dosti Na Samjha Jaye;

Hum To Bas Ye Kehte Hain Roz Jeene Marne Ko;
Aap Chahein Kuch Samjhein Zindagi Na Samjha Jaye;

Khak Karne Walon Kee Kya Ajeeb Khwahish Thi;
Khak Hone Walon Ko Khak Hi Na Samjha Jaye!
The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you.
A man goes into a bar very thirsty. He sits down waiting for the bartender to see him. The man next to him calls for the bartender saying, "I`ll have another waterloo...
Lotus Blooms in Bengal
Lotus Blooms in Bengal
Which Indian team stands a good chance to win Champions League T20 2014 tournament?
Kings XI Punjab
Chennai Superkings
Kolkota Knight Riders
Aries Aries : Today you will have to give in to your spouse's demands for improving the environment at home. In your own interest it will be advisable, says Ganesha, to hasten the measures needed to be taken and stay focussed on them as you are the one who is guilty of neglect.
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Sabudana Vada
A nutritious and crunchy, Navratri special snack made wirh sago, panuts and potatoes.
Sama Rice Pulao
Navratri Special recipe of Sama Rice with deep fried balls of khoya, paneer and singhade ka atta.
Candy Shooter
Candy Shooter
Dark Rider
Dark Rider
What is put on a table, cut but never eaten?
Answer : A pack of Cards